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David Bowie, Inspiration Diane Von Furstenberg at New York Fashion Week

The glamor and elegance seen in the collection of Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) in New York Fashion Week 2013, on Sunday (10/02/103) local time. In performance mode, held at Lincoln Center, New York, DVF took the theme of the collection 'Glam Rock' which is inspired by the 70's retro style.

As quoted from the Los Angeles Times, a designer who works in the fashion industry since 1970, it was reported that he got the inspiration from the style of David Bowie while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

"Glam Rock collection takes a touch of the 70s and inspired by David Bowie's appearance. Particular interest is my age and he (David Bowie) is not much different, and I was never inspired him because we are very close. But when I look at all the books and picture of it, I realized it was really inspiring, "says DVF, quoted from the LA Times.

DVF collection this time are colored motifs game. For example, retro motifs and animals, and the use of luxurious materials typical winter fur. As a full-motif jumpsuit, fleece jackets, metallic pants, and loose overalls satin or chifon. There is also a leather material and velvet maroon color that looks adorn this collection.

The use of bright colors typical DVF like pink, red and blue are also seen adorning the stage runway. In a collection of Fall / Winter also, DVF presents a series of accessories, such as a patterned bag with clothes.